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It’s been a while, but last night I wrote a short story and thought I would share it with everyone! I hope you enjoy it.



November Again


November again, Said the cloud to the wind.

Your moment in season has come.

The leaves only shake, They won't stop or break.

So help me...


Love is… life-changing and yet always with us. Love is… complex and yet so simple. Love is… mysterious and yet an emotion that we have felt almost every single day of our lives.


I, along with most of humanity, have often wondered what love is. Is it a caused by nerve...


There are many things in my life for which I’m passionate. Things that fill my every waking (and sometimes sleeping) thought with drive and fire. Above all other topics, nothing pushes me to make a difference quite like environmentalism. But there’s a major problem wi...

I painted and wrote this in dedication to my favorite season. Here comes fall!


Autumn’s Dance


Silver ribbons, hazy grey,
Gentle shadows, steal the day.
Breezes whisper, through the leaves,
Branches sway and, set them free.


Gliding slowly, to the ground,
Fiery leaves ma...


Twenty-four days. It’s so interesting to me the way time works. If I told you that you had twenty-four days to live, you would probably be devastated. “24 days? I don’t have much time left.” But then again, if I said that you have to live in a glass box with no access...


Going For It 


I decided today after waiting for an eternity on something with a particular promoter to come through, that I would just move on and move up. So I’m going for it. I’m gonna get my name out there, self-promote, and make it happen. Thus far, I have had a r...


Something happened today that made a major dream of mine feel one step closer. After over a month of trying to arrange band bookings through a local buyer, I finally got a most unexpected result. I think the phone call went something like this:


“Hey this is Alex, from...

There’s something about waking up early in the morning.
Not to grab coffee and run out the door to work, but just for yourself.
To be awake to hear the sun say “Good Morning.”


We may be over-tired, over-worked, and over stressed, but giving ourselves some extra time in...


“Most musicians are usually one song away from being a janitor. So I’ve always admired musicians for that. You look at them on stage and… ‘That’s a talented janitor up there.'” -Jason Mraz

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November Again [A Story About Being Different]

March 5, 2015

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