June 03, 2019


Alex is thrilled to announce that his newest album, City of Stone, is now available to purchase!Alex's sophomore effort features twelve tracks filled with jazzy arrangements, ambient soundscapes, and analog synths. Before reaching all major online retailers, the album will first be available exclusively through this site in both digital and physical formats. Check out the "Music" page to listen and the "Store" page to purchase City of Stone!

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April 01, 2019


For the past two years, Alex has been working on something. In January 2017, he wrote the first song of what would eventually become the followup to his album, "Into the Hinterland". Since writing that song, Alex's life has changed in a number of pretty substantial ways. He's had some great highs and some pretty intense lows. He's lived in three cities. He's lost some loved ones (furry and otherwise), but also, found a little contentment in my life. Through these changes, Alex continued writing and began recording a new album in April 2018. 

What originally started as a heavily jazz-influenced collection of songs, morphed into something quite different than anything Alex has ever done. Upon writing what would become the title track, "City of Stone", he realized that this album was moving in a new direction. This song starts with a foundation of fairly happy jazz chords, but with the addition of analog synths and layers of ambient soundscapes, it becomes a little murkier and more complex; A little more like life. The songs on this album vary between the light and the dark Between escapism and reality. Between love and loss. All the shades of life.

Alex has put countless hours into recording and producing this album and has never spent more time on a single project. He would like to thank Mike Dwyer, Ben Crookston, Kayleigh Slone, and especially Chris Plumhoff for their contributions and advice. Alex can't wait to finally share "City of Stone" with all of you.

Please join Alex on June 1st at The Robin Theatre in REO Town for the "City of Stone" album release. See the soon-to-be-posted event page for all the details. #CityofStone

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June 26, 2018

Song for the Moon Music Video

Alex is psyched to share the brand new music video for Song for the Moon!

Lansing, MI-based director, Michael McCallum and Rebel Pictures put together an all-star cast and crew to bring the song and story to life. In addition, the video is currently making the rounds at several film festivals around the United States. Special thanks to everyone for putting so much hard work into this project.

Check out the video on the Visuals Page and find more Rebel Pictures films here:

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November 13, 2017

Into the Hinterland Tour

Alex is going back on tour!

He'll be heading west for a 4-week tour across the Midwest, the Plains, the Rockies, and the Pacific Northwest in support of Into the Hinterland.

The Into the Hinterland tour starts November 24th and ends on December 23rd so check out the schedule to find a date near you: INTO THE HINTERLAND TOUR

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November 05, 2016

Into the Hinterland is Now Available!

Alex's full-length album, Into the Hinterland was released on November 5th! It is now available for purchase exclusively on this site, for the time being, until it is added to your favorite platform!

Into the Hinterland is an album about exploring the unexplored. Places both out in the world and within yourself. From 60's and 70's inspired soul to darker, cinematic soundscapes; from latin-infused and lounge jazz to melancholy acoustic-driven folk, Into the Hinterland offers a spectrum of moods as it journeys into songs about what it means to be human.

Click here to listen and purchase a copy!

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August 31, 2016

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November,
A date to keep up in your head.

A night at the Robin, will bring not a problem,

But one brand new album instead.

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May 26, 2016

2016 Summer Festivals and Concert Series

Alex is thrilled to announce this summer's huge lineup of festivals and concert series!

This summer features performances at Pumpstock, Ann Arbor Summer Festival, Festival of the Sun, East Lansing Summer Concert Series, Relax at Rosa, Summer Thursdays at Ruthmere, EastWest Music Series, Old Town Scrapfest, Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, Dunesville Music Festival, Traverse City Film Festival, Roots on the River, Brighton Fine Art and Acoustic Music Festival, Holler Fest, and Pond Jam!

Click here for more details!

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January 07, 2016

The One Track Tour Announcement

In the coming weeks, Alex will be embarking upon the biggest adventure of his musical life: The One Track Tour. For 7 weeks, Alex will be travelling throughout New England, Appalachia, the Southeast, and the Midwest, bringing new music to 23 states and provinces. Stay tuned for a complete listing of dates and venues!

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October 01, 2015

Alex Mendenall is the LCC Radio-WLNZ M897 Artist of the Month

Alex has been chosen as the M897 Artist of the Month for October! LCC Radio-WLNZ will post a feature on Alex and his music as well as a free download of the song "We've Come So Far"! 

WLNZ has a long history of support for local Michigan music. Alex is included among terrific past artists like Joshua Davis, The Ragbirds, Joe Hertler, Seth Bernard & May Erlewine, The Crane Wives, and The Accidentals. See the "Press" tab for more!

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September 14, 2015

Welcome to the All New

Welcome to the all new!! Take some time to look around the site and check out the many photos, videos, blog entries, and site-exclusives!

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