Refresh, Reflect, Relax.

There’s something about waking up early in the morning. Not to grab coffee and run out the door to work, but just for yourself. To be awake to hear the sun say “Good Morning.”

We may be over-tired, over-worked, and over stressed, but giving ourselves some extra time in the mornings is much more valuable than hitting snooze and catching another half an hour’s worth of shut-eye.

I don’t mean to sound grandiose here, it’s just something I noticed this morning. After being challenged all week with an increase in working hours and a decrease in free time, I did something unfathomable today: I woke up at 6:30 am on a Saturday. And I showered, drank some delicious java, made a bowl of homemade hot oat and banana cereal, watched light rain hit my windows, and felt strangely… Refreshed. The way a long-awaited nap, or paying off a debt feels.

So next time you get a chance, give yourself a moment in the mornings, to refresh, reflect, or relax. Whatever you need, the morning is there for you. And all you’ve gotta do is lay off the snooze.


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