One Step Closer

Something happened today that made a major dream of mine feel one step closer. After over a month of trying to arrange band bookings through a local buyer, I finally got a most unexpected result. I think the phone call went something like this:

“Hey this is Alex, from Accidental Naturals.”

“Hey Alex, How’s it going?”

“Not too bad, Any news?”

“Have you ever played solo before?”

“Uh… [lie] A couple of times, yes. [/lie]”

“Great, can you come out to Reno’s East tomorrow night and play some songs out there around 8?”

“Uh….. Definitely!”

And that was the moment. I had nearly given up on playing music for a living. I had tried the cover band route, the Pop Rock route, the Alt-Rock route, the duo route, but had almost entirely forgotten about the solo route. Yet here I am, one day away from possibly beginning my dreams. I’m not delusional; this one show won’t catapult me on this road. But even just a local show here and there is enough for me for right now. I just want to express myself and help others experience my life and love through music and this really does feel like the right path.

So now I feel one step closer to this life. And even if this doesn’t work out, I’m certainly no further away than I was yesterday. I’ve got nothing to lose, right?


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