Love Is:

Love is… life-changing and yet always with us. Love is… complex and yet so simple. Love is… mysterious and yet an emotion that we have felt almost every single day of our lives.

I, along with most of humanity, have often wondered what love is. Is it a caused by nerve impulses or chemicals in the brain? Is it something a little more metaphysical or spiritual? What causes us to fall so hard and so fast and why do we ever fall back out of love?

Well, I had a little personal epiphany today and I hoped that my thoughts would help even just one person:

Love is:

Love is an incredible kind of relationship in which two people help each other to grow into better versions of themselves. Sometimes, after we grow, these new versions no longer fit together as well as they once did. This should not make us sad but rather grateful, and simply means that the other person’s love has guided us to a point in our lives where we are ready to accept something or someone else’s help in order to reach our most beautiful potential.

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